Working with me -Janet Devlin Franecki

Copy editor and proofreader

I am fortunate to work with a variety of materials for many different industries and authors. I would be happy to handle your review and make your document clean and clear. 

Items I have worked with

I handle web copy, ad copy, manuscripts (fiction/nonfiction), reports, technical articles, grants, press releases, manuals, catalogs, email campaigns, blogs, resumes, and more. The formats vary from Word documents and PDFs to PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets. These jobs have been with large companies such as Amazon, as well as smaller businesses and private individuals. 

First step 

For a manuscript, I will look at the text to get an idea of the scope of the project, along with the word count. This will help determine the time it will take to complete.

For anything outside of manuscripts, the word count and level of editing will suffice. 

It is important to leave the writer’s authentic voice intact, so no worries about massive changes. I am easy to work with and will consider anything out of the norm if it is essential to your style. 

In addition …

Besides editing and proofreading, I am called on to do writing to improve the text when needed. So, if you find yourself at a loss for words, I can help with that!

In addition to working, studying is a constant, as there is no end to what you can learn in this ever-changing field. My goal is always to be a valuable and versatile asset to my clients as their go-to editor.

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