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What are the editing services offered here?

Below is a description of services to help determine what you require. If you need something in particular or a combination, that is fine. There is no job too big or too small—anything worth writing deserves to be written well!

Developmental – This is a critique that covers issues such as plot holes, confusing text, or poor character development. This stage does not include any corrections of grammar, spelling, or the like, as these are addressed later in the editing phase.

Copy/line editingThis includes the correcting of grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, flow, and syntax. I am always careful to keep the writer’s authentic voice and will not change the message, tone, or style.

At this stage, any writing changes would most likely be reworking difficult sentences and repetitious words and phrasing. If this is a first-time edit, there may be developmental issues noted.

Additional elements include checking the accuracy of the TOC, hyperlink functionality, and appearance with regard to formatting consistency. 

ProofreadingThis is a final review with correction of anything missed up to this point. While this is a lighter type of edit, I will address anything on a deeper level as well.

Beta reading – After reading your manuscript, I will provide a summary addressing the strong points and anything that seems problematic.


I can provide you with a quote after seeing a sample of the text and learning the parameters of the project. Simply write down what you need on the ‘contact me’ form below.

I look forward to working with you!

*I accept payment via check or PayPal (button below).