Clients and Projects

Amazon Fashion/Prime Wardrobe – editing/proofreading of sales materials, brand guidelines catalog, press releases, marketing emails, and text for the Making the Cut TV show

Denny’s Restaurants, Molly Larson, et al – editing/proofreading of articles, manuals, campaigns

University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy (PERU), Jonathan Walkush – editing and proofing of reports and studies

University of Arizona, Sol Lim, Ph.d.– recommendation letters, class assignments, grant proposals, technical manuscripts

Volquartsen Firearms, Nic Volquartsen – editing of manuals and annual product catalog

The Sacred Science, Nick Polizzi – editing/proofreading of web materials, emails, courses

Francesca Castagnoli – manuscript editing/proofreading for novel-in-progress, web articles

ChillHitLabs, Elioth Frajo – editing and proofreading of catalogs

Fun House Theatrical, Nazan Saatci –editing of children’s books, letters, articles, YouTube page

Jackson Hanks – editing and proofreading of manuscript

John Francois Fortin – editing and proofreading of email campaigns

Elizabeth S. – Editing of doctorate of nursing project

DjangoForce, Jason Martin – editing of website

Mose J. Gingerich – developmental edit of manuscript

Sunbelt, Julia Shust – proofreading of web pages, Michael Puck – editing/proofreading advertising campaigns

Louis Emery (Nolan Yard) – editing of novel

Mindemic Lab, Michael Kannisto – proofreading of reports

Transparency Digital Media Inc., Kevin O’Neill – editing of resume and articles

Offer Grid, Ian Hamshaw – eBook editing

Singular One, LTD, Yuval Korin – editing of web pages for

Innova, Inc., Tetsusaburo Yamaguchi – proofreading of articles

Vassily Gnedovsky – editing of medical website

BWC, Niels Madsen – editing of smart products website

Umnikey LLC, Sergey Kyrychenko, editing/proofreading of websites, resumes

Academia, Simone Bailey – writing, editing/proofreading of school website

Starrett Publishing, Paul Starrett – editing of ACFE article

Jannie Pilgrim (The Deal) – editing of children’s books

SafariBookings, Alan Murphy – editing/proofreading of website

Minimalism Fitness, Brett Turley – editing/proofreading of fitness book

Lee York – editing/proofreading of eBook

Catherine Hooper, (Carolina Carter) – manuscript editing/proofreading of book series, email campaign

CloDoc LTD, Octavia Borecka – blog editing/proofreading

CosmoLex, Joshua Goldberg – editing/proofreading of eBook

Capitol Digital & Califorensics, Nicolas Anderson, CEO – editing/rewriting of website

Creative Market & GoDaddy – proofreading of eBook

InnoDigital – proofreading of WU Headphones Kickstarter campaign

Maintain Strategy, Rob Willard – editing of blog articles

Simone Bailey – editing/formatting of resumes and business materials

Onward Advisors, Clint Konzman – editing of articles

Built to Convert, Jeran Meah – editing of marketing funnel articles

Alpin – editing/proofreading of documents

Elizabeth Taska – manuscript editing

Dyoni Inc., Dr. Dyoni Cole – editing/proofreading of books

Smart Ass Design Solution, Benard Owuondo – manual editing

Simple Wholsealing/, Jaren Barnes, owner – blog editing

Upwork Talent Innovation – proofreading of eBooks, ad campaigns, office materials

Krabooz, Anthony Torr, Owner – editing of Krabooz website

CNH Tours, Marc Patry – editing/proofreading reports

Stephanie Clark – manuscript editing/formatting

Annisa Davila, Chicago fashion stylist – editing of blog articles

WebTitans, Benjamin Lehrer – website proofreading

Strong Inside Out, Amy Clover – editing of blog articles on Positively Positive and

IntelliVision, David Jones VP – website editing/proofreading

Franecki Fine Art, James Franecki – rewriting/editing of website

Kris Bohman – real estate blog edit

Leonard Colston – work evaluation edit

Company 614 Enterprises, Michael Gray – manuscript review

First Over All, Michael Tieman – developmental editing/proofreading of manuscript

Informotions, Paul Powell, NM – eBook editing

High Conversion Services, Inc., Freelancing to Win, Danny Margulies – blog article writing


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